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In Europe

Would like to support us now? Please donate any amount at: Stichting Help Africa Swim
IBAN: NL16 RABO 0305 2863 15

TAX (fiscaal nr) 855311800
If you sponsor more then 50 EUR we will also provide you with a complete information package incl. the sticker logo to help us spread the word.

In The Gambia

We are overwhelmed with the love and the support from friends and supporters in the Gambia. If you like to help us making the Swim Education  Gambia Foundation possible? You can use our Gambian account for donations at: 

Ecobank Gambia  The Pan African Bank


Bankaccont nr. 4846 8204 0540 5391


In The Gambia

If you would like to be a swim teacher or just want to have swimming lessons please contact us at or use the our page