• Swim Lessons at Q-city , Brusubi

    Swim Lessons at Q-city , Brusubi

    Swim Lessons at Q-city , Brusubi

  • Teach  others & Create your Own income

    Teach others & Create your Own income

  • Get your europeen certification, and do it!

    Get your europeen certification, and do it!

  • For children & adults

    For children & adults

  • everybody can swim

    everybody can swim

  • Create New National Heroes!

    Create New National Heroes!

  • Get your Certification !

    Get your Certification !

  • Enjoy the elements.

    Enjoy the elements.



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The Help Africa Swim Foundation

The help Africa Swim foundation aims to promote and encourage swimming in Africa. A small organization with big ambitions. Swimming is the only active sport we can participate in from our first breath to our last. When introduced properly, water is a therapeutic environment which is healing, stimulates physical and emotional development, increases self-esteem, bonds family members, and adds joy and excitement to life. Through our website and social media we give a realistic picture of who we are and what we do. In The Gambia, we are preparing for our first project: Swim Education Foundation Gambia. 'The Swim Education Foundation Gambia' is a registered foundation in The Gambia. The main goal of 'S.E.F.G.' is to promote and teach swimming and water safety in The Gambia. Hence the population gains these significant survival and life skills. Gambia itself is crossed by a river and has a 80 km shoreline. This makes up 1295 qkm of water, which means that 11,5 % of the whole country consists of water. The majority of the population did never learn how to move safely and confident in the water. Our Mission is to inspire individuals, families and youth to learn to Swim… For LIFE! Our first project is in Gambia, a water country where 99.3% of the population cannot swim. As a result, there are many professions that cannot be carried out. By training life safers, fishermen, swimming teachers, and workers in the water sports industry,they can earn an income for their families. This allows their children to go to school and get a better future.We do this via creating a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. We will teach exceptional developmentally appropriate swimming and fitness skills, which build self-esteem, confidence plus character. We see hope, joy and a lot of potential. By putting the focus on equality rather than aid, we can actually make a difference. We are focused on working with local people and organizations with the vision that a project can only be sustainable if it takes into account local customs and traditions. [read more]